Public Relations Intern

Location:  Anywhere, Earth                               

Approx Hours: As long as it takes for you to complete the tasks. Expect about 10-15 hours a week or so.

Timeline:  June - August (duration flexible)

Position Description:

The Public Relations Intern’s responsibilities will span all aspects of public relations from compiling a targeted outreach list, to crafting pitches, and maintaining post-pitch follow-ups and correspondence. This position will provide real-life experience to understand the ins and outs of working in the field of public relations. Fifthtee's summer internship program is ideal for those interested in learning more about the field of content media, fashion, social enterprise, e-commerce, and international development work. By working together with other interns and specialists, you will greatly contribute to our cause while enriching your own knowledge and skills in these particular fields.

Work at your own pace! While we are a start-up who values getting stuff done as soon as possible, we want to give you the autonomy to set your own schedule -- as long as you get the final product completed before the deadline. Completing this internship will help you gain more insight on how we operate, as well as valuable skills to take on combating any challenges that you may face in the world of startup, fashion, e-commerce and social-good.

Working with us will give you the opportunity to:

    > Compile list of relevant targeted publications, editors, writers, and bloggers

    > Craft targeted and tailored pitches to select individuals on the list

    > Maintain follow-up conversations with pitched stories & coordinate correspondence

    > Contribute to the Fifthtee blog

    > Assist public relations team with other tasks as needed


      > Comfortable with deadlines and quick turnarounds, and has a strong work ethic

      > Obsessed with details and has a keen eye for ways to improve their craft,

      > Extremely attentive to details (grammar fiends welcome!)

      > A creative thinker who can craft targeted, personalized pitches & stories to top influencers in fashion, social good, technology, and startup.

      > Must be a motivated, self-driven individual who is not afraid to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit

      > A creative writer with the knack to persuade others with their pen (errr... keyboard). Must be able to get your point across in very little words (aka be concise!).

      > Excited to learn more about social enterprise, international development, & fashion

      Immediate start as soon as you are approved.  This is an volunteer position that provides invaluable work and experience that can enhance your knowledge and help in future endeavors. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. In order to be considered for this position, please include a resume and cover letter and send to

      We Are Fifthtee

      In late 2015, two friends came together to try and solve the plight of animals around the globe. With over 2.7 million animals being put down annually in American animal shelters from overcrowding, we knew that these sanctuaries required some serious help. Thus, the idea for Fifth Tee was hatched. We are a clothing brand dedicated to supporting no-kill animal sanctuaries all across North America. For every product we sell, we give one-fifth of the profits to a noteworthy animal charity. This way, not only do we raise much needed funding for these shelters, but we also spread the Fifth Tee message that animals deserve a chance at life.

      Join Fifthtee's amazing team and work with incredible people, while learning how to bring your skills to market socially conscious fashion online.

      Our Internship Program is designed to provide you with mentors to give guidance, speakers to help educate and motivate you on relevant topics in the industry, career-enhancement training and access to our network. You will be recognized and appreciated for all the value that you will bring Fifthtee.

      Company Description:


      At Fifthtee, it is our personal goal to achieve a world where animals are no longer killed due to congested shelters. But to achieve this goal, animal shelters and sanctuaries are going to need a lot more land, equipment, staff, and funding. That’s where we come in. For every single item that we sell, we give one-fifth of the profits to various animal based charities. We take the strictest measures to assure that these charities are trustworthy and that their ideals are noble. That way, when you buy an item, you can wear it with pride in the knowledge that you helped to save an animal’s life.

      If you are interested in this position, please email us at:

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