Who Do We Benefit

Save The Paw, One Shelter at a Time
Best Friends Animal Society


Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) was founded in Utah over 30 years ago by a group of friends who wanted to create a sanctuary for abandoned and abused animals. At first, BFAS struggled due to a lack of financial support, strategic planning, and knowledge in animal welfare. In fact, BFAS relied heavily on construction manuals from Time Life as a blueprint for their sanctuary.
In order to raise funds, BFAS began setting up tables in front of grocery stores in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City. Co-founders Michael Mountain and Steven Hirano also created Best Friends magazine to generate publicity and donations for BFAS. After decades of hard work, BFAS is now spearheading the effort to save animals from homeless and negligence.


BFAS has two main goals they wish to achieve:
1. Save the countless number of treatable cats and dogs in animal shelters that are being killed due to population control measures.
2. Advocate the importance of no kill in animal shelters across the nation.

Facts about BFAS

BFAS’ sanctuary is home to around 1700 animals at any given time. All animals are provided proper medical treatment and looked after by dozens of staff.
Approximately 30 000 people visit BFAS’ head sanctuary each year to visit the animals.
BFAS is North America’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals.

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