About Fifthtee

Our Story

The first step to changing the world is realizing you have the capacity to do so. Holding these words true, two friends came together in late 2015 to try and solve the plight of animals around the globe. With over 2.7 million animals being put down annually in American animal shelters from overcrowding, we knew that these sanctuaries required some serious help. Thus, the idea for Fifthtee was hatched. We are a clothing brand dedicated to supporting no-kill animal sanctuaries all across North America. For every product we sell, we give one-fifth of the profits to a noteworthy animal charity. This way, not only do we raise much needed funding for these shelters, but we also spread the Fifthtee message that animals deserve a chance at life.



Our Mission

At Fifthtee, it is our personal goal to achieve a world where animals are no longer killed due to congested shelters. But to achieve this goal, animal shelters and sanctuaries are going to need a lot more land, equipment, staff, and funding. That’s where we come in. For every single item that we sell, we give one-fifth of the profits to various animal based charities. We take the strictest measures to assure that these charities are trustworthy and that their ideals are noble. That way, when you buy an item, you can wear it with pride in the knowledge that you helped to save an animal’s life.


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