Welcome to the first ever Fifthtee blog post. Fifthtee is an animal inspired apparels store dedicated to the welfare of our furry friends.


Jason and I first began brainstorming for Fifthtee when we read a chilling statistic online. Over 2.7 million dogs and cats were being euthanized every year because shelters lacked the funding to protect them. As animal lovers, we were taken aback by this statistic. We felt that we should do something, but we were unsure of what that something should be. I’m a 1st year commerce student at the University of Toronto and Jason studies computer science in Southern California. We are not experts on animal welfare by any means.


Thus, we began to research. We spent many hours looking at how different organizations were combating against animal homelessness. Thankfully, we found a myriad of charities that worked tirelessly to save homeless animals from death. In fact, due to the phenomenal work of these organizations, euthanasia of homeless animals has plummeted from 13 million just a few decades ago to 2.7 million today.


Of course, 2.7 million is still an absurd number. But at the very least we knew that things were getting better. This optimistic revelation gave us the impetus to contribute in our own way. At first, Jason and I at contemplated starting some sort of social media fundraiser. However, we quickly realized that a fundraiser was a short-term solution to a long-term problem. What Jason and I really wanted to do was follow this problem and see to its rightful conclusion.


Luckily, Jason was rather experienced in the apparels business (he had started his own online clothing shop before). So we decided to put this experience to good use by creating an online apparels store that benefited homeless animals. I suggested that we should donate 20% of our profits to animal organizations and soon enough we came up with the name Fifthtee. We thought since we were donating 20% of all profits to an animal organization, it was like one-fifth of every t-shirt was being used for a good cause.


It’s been a good few months since we first came up with Fifthtee. Heck, I can’t even recall how many skype calls and late nights we’ve had since the inception of this idea. Since then, we’ve hired an extremely prolific graphic designer, we’ve become a patron of the largest no-kill shelter in North America, and we’ve reached out to many social media outlets to spread our cause. I have absolutely no idea what the future spells for Fifthtee. Yet, I feel happy knowing that we have the chance to fight against animal homeless, even if in a small way. This journey has been long and very tiring, but I’ve been honored to be a part of it.